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Your heart has been pregnant with an idea for a while and you feel it longs to be born now? You feel its strength, but still lack the necessary clarity, courage and stamina? You are not alone! Our comprehensive program for female socialpreneurs combines expert input, process support and community. 

If social and environmental impact is important to you, then we have something for you!

Imagine taking the time you need to come to a clear vision and implement it! We provide you with experts and the right tools and accompany you step by step until you have your comprehensive business plan and beyond. Imagine walking the path together with other motivated women! We provide you with a community and learning pods of like-minded women who support each other in reflecting and persevering.

What’s special about our offer


  1. We are serial entrepreneurs ourselves, trained in entrepreneurship and social innovation, and have been working for many years with the focus on promoting the potential of women. Our offer is aimed specifically at Impact-oriented women who care about social and ecological sustainability, and wish to develop themselves and the future together in a positive and respectfully critical space.
  2. For us, it’s about your effectiveness in driving impact and also about you as a person. We are guided by a comprehensive concept of sustainability: SELFcare is just as important as WE, WORLD and BUSINESScare. Because only through sufficient self-care can your effectiveness be ensured in the long term. It therefore also plays an important role in your personal CAREvolution plan, which you create as part of the MASTERclass.
  3. Heart and brain are equally important for us. We won’t leave you alone with your newfound knowledge. You will be accompanied by us, step by step, in a constant and reliable, warm and scientifically based manner: from your vision to the concrete planning. The same applies to our partners: we are all experts in various areas of SELF, WE, WORLD and BUSINESScare who are happy to support you in the development and subsequent implementation of your idea.
  4. There are many committed women who experience similar challenges to you. During the MASTERclass and afterwards you have access to like-minded women in learning pods and the global Women Lead Community. In this inclusive space, women support each other in their leadership challenges and you can find additional sparring partners, customers, investors and employees. As founding partners, we are also part of the community. This way, you will continue to feel supported while you are bringing your intention to life.
  5. We understand that you have many different roles. Our MASTERclass gives you the opportunity to evolve yourself and your project in a manageable way, through regular time investment. Be it the initial conception of your heartfelt idea, the evaluation of a first prototype or the expansion of your association or business towards greater prosperity for you and your environment.

This is what you take with you


If you successfully complete the MASTERclass, with our active support, then you have

  • large toolbox with the best tools for the relevant CARE aspects, which you can access at any time
  • clear idea about your next steps towards an optimal combination of SELF, WE, WORLD and BUSINESScare
  • concrete and realistic plan for the implementation of your heart project
  • qualified feedback through us and our partners
  • supportive network of like-minded women and experts, because you retain your access to the Women Lead Community even after completing the MASTERclass

This way you feel encouraged to continually take the necessary steps to achieve your specific goals. To let your heart’s idea and yourself blossom.

As a bonus, we will plant a tree in Austria to celebrate your graduation through Wald4Leben.

We also offer the MASTERclass in German

Hier kannst Du den deutschsprachigen Flyer runterladen

Frequently asked questions

In the MASTERclass, up to 15 (prospective) agents of change will go on a virtual journey together, with us as competent travel companions. We guide you based on your values, strengths and skills, your current situation and your vision towards the concrete mission, planning and implementation of your heart’s project. We use proven transformation methods such as Theory U, Life-Centered Design, and innovative canvases. This is what is inluded in the MASTERclass: two individual coaching sessions with us a shared 20 minutes intention and goal setting for the week with concrete milestones two interactive 90-minute-workshops per month on the topics of vision and goals, (self-)leadership and management, system recording and prototyping, balance and flow Buddy/study groups with other participants who pursue a similar goal or live close to you, as sparring partners and for joint reflection a closed group on our online Women Lead Community Platform, through which you can access the workshop recordings and materials (for at least 12 months), and where we answer your questions at least once a week between meetings You don’t get daily motivational phrases and pressure to complete your plan by the end of the MASTERclass. To ensure your success you should expect to invest a minimum of 5 hours of time per week (including joint orientation and workshops). Between our meetings, you will continue to work on your individual project based on our specific prompts for preparation and follow-up. If you have more time: even better! If your life circumstances change and it is not possible for you to complete the MASTERclass, we will find a solution together. Since it is a small group, we adapt the dates and times of day of the workshops to the participants. The exact topics and depth of the workshops are also adapted to the previous knowledge and interest of the participants.
Our goal is to make the MASTERclass accessible to every woman who can benefit from our transformation support. We have covered your costs and you are paying for another woman to take part in one of the next MASTERclasses. Our time investment for the MASTERclass amounts to EUR 1900 (including taxes) per participant. We are aware that not every woman can easily afford this. We are happy to offer you a payment plan – simply get in touch. To ensure your commitment, you pay a minimum contribution of EUR 500 before the MASTERclass begins. Part of the contribution can also take other forms such as recommendations or detailed feedback. You can get a refund until the end of February, if the program does not meet your expectations. We only charge an administration fee of EUR 100.

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Executive Director and Head of Community Development
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