Sustainability & Social Change

We work with individual clients, teams and organizations.

Drive Sustainable Transformation

Embark on a transformative journey with our “Sustainability and Social Change” program, specially tailored to align your organization with the evolving landscape of ecological and social responsibility.

Leading Ecological and Social Responsibility

Embrace a regenerative future. Drive innovation, adapt to legislation, and set new benchmarks in social responsibility. Foster retention and exceed industry standards. Use the Donut Economy model as a basis for mapping your organization and transforming it towards a more regenerative and distributive model in a strategic and inclusive manner. 

Why Invest in Sustainability and Social Change?

Boost Retention: Implement strategies that foster a sense of belonging and identity with your organization, leading to fewer sick days and higher employee retention.

Catalyse Innovation: Embrace diversity and sustainability awareness as a springboard for innovation, unlocking new pathways to organizational growth and development.

Exceed Guidelines: Set a new benchmark in your industry and go beyond mere compliance. Lead with innovation, showcasing your commitment to genuine sustainability and social change.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Strategic Mapping: Direct your efforts effectively by exploring your full potential for regenerative business and pinpointing where changes will have the maximum impact. 

Serious Games: Increase sustainability awareness in a one-in a lifetime team experience and learn how micro and macro change is required to really make a difference.

Our Masterclass for Women Leaders: Create the next, better iteration of your idea, organisation or product with a cutting-edge framework in a co-creative safe space. For every NGO or social enterprise startup.

Embrace Change Today

Are you ready to express your full potential for social change? Call us to find out how we can support you.

Is your organization ready to lead with sustainability at its core? Reach out for a detailed consultation and start crafting a future that’s as dynamic as it is inclusive.

Be the change you wish to see.


Success Stories

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Our programmes

Increase your impact and master complexity by developing self-leadership, communication and systems thinking! An advanced program for experienced women leaders working for impact in not-for-profit sectors.
Our Masterclass for female socialpreneurs is a unique offer for aspiring and experienced agents of change alike. We accompany you step by step, from clarifying your idea in full accordance with your values, strengths and skills, to developing your concrete plan for roll-out and scaling.
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