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We work with individual clients, with teams and with organizations.

As a woman, you know that to get ahead, break through the glass ceiling, and make a meaningful impact you need to elevate your leadership competencies. Equip yourself with crucial skills and the necessary confidence to be a force with immense positive impact.

As a modern, fit-for-future organization, you understand, to keep your competitive edge, you need to transform your company with diverse leadership. You understand that empowered female leaders are catalysts for innovation, enhanced performance and the creation of an inclusive work environment.

Programme highlights:

  • Excellerator Program: Female leaders – elevate your impact. Develop systemic thinking, strategic skills, and foundational leadership competencies in small-group leadership programs for women only. 
  • Leadership Assessments: What are your strengths and areas for improvement? Get smart with our comprehensive assessments, including the Leadership Circle Profile (TLC) and Lectical Decision Making Assessment (LDMA) that offer deep insights into leadership effectiveness and your decision-making capabilities. 


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Our programmes

Increase your impact and master complexity by developing self-leadership, communication and systems thinking! An advanced program for experienced women leaders working for impact in not-for-profit sectors.
Accelerate your leadership with an innovative online leadership development program for women in international and multicultural settings.
Join the Women Lead Community for transformative leadership growth. Experience peer learning, inspiring content and creative practice spaces. Connect, share, and evolve with a network of inspiring women leaders like yourself.
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