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Marie Pace, PhD

Having spent three years living in pre-genocide Rwanda as a young adult, the sudden cataclysmic outbreak of violence there propelled Marie Pace to study how grievances and tensions can dwell deep in the fabric of a society, and what it takes to transform the structural, cultural and psychological roots of social conflict. She set out to learn the vocation of a peacebuilder in the late 1990s, when the field was still young and forming through innovation and experimentation. Taking inspiration from feminists and peace activists observed in her youth; she became deeply curious about the linkages between personal and social transformation. This gave both depth and span to her formation as a practitioner and thinker. At the same time that she cultivated her capacities for big-picture sensemaking that can release the transformative potential of conflict, she also engaged in self-reflexive practices to cultivate the capacity to be grounded, aware and present in any given moment, especially the difficult ones. After two decades as a peacebuilding professional working in conflict affected environments, today her work includes helping global professionals to lead and thrive in an increasingly turbulent world. Marie lives in a wooded area of New England, in the US with her husband Ray DiCapua, and their two incorrigible cats, Kulu and Mr. Jimmy. She continues to learn and grow through study and practice that cultivates her understanding and ability to be fully alive and human during these times of deep planetary transformation. When she is not working with clients, Marie loves taking long walks, working in her yard and cooking elaborate, delicious meals with Ray to enjoy in the company of family and friends.


  •   Leadership Development (coaching and training)
  •   Facilitation (group processes, meetings and workshops)
  •   Resilience support for organizations and teams
  •   Difficult conversations
  •   Complexity informed thinking and practices
  •   Qualitative assessments and research
  •   Strategic planning and management
  •   Conflict Sensitivity training and analysis
  •   Adaptive Management


  •   PhD in Social Science (Syracuse University, USA)
  •   Graduate Certificate in Conflict Studies (Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA)
  •   MA in International Studies (University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA)
  •   Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies (University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA)
  •   BA Political Science and French (Portland State University, Portland Oregon, USA)

Certifications and Professional Development

  •   The Leadership Circle Profile Certification (2023)
  •   Growth Edge Coaching (2020)
  •   Human Systems Dynamics Professional Certification (2021)
  •   International Coach Federation, Associate Certified Coach (2019)
  •   Meta-Integral Embodied Leadership Certification (2013)


  •   International Coaching Federation
  •   Alliance for Peacebuilding
  •   Humanitarian Coaching Network


Native English speaker with professional proficiency in French


Marie Pace works to support global professionals—individuals, teams and organizations—to develop what it takes to thrive in a world of increasing uncertainty, volatility and rapid change. She works to support learning and capacity strengthening through training, process facilitation and coaching. She leverages +20 years of experience as an international development professional working for the UN, the US government, as well as several international NGOs and private contractors implementing foreign assistance programming. Extensive peacebuilding experience in countries struggling with conflict—including Nigeria, Yemen, South Sudan, Burundi, and the Congo—provides her with a distinct vantage on the stresses and challenges that actors face when aiming to address wicked challenges. Her distinct understanding of how complex problems behave, further informs her ability to empower inquiry that can produce adaptive action and innovation. Her enduring fascination and interest in the diverse ways that people (individually and collectively) make sense of their experiences—explored as qualitative researcher, systems thinker, global (cross-cultural) professional and coach—helps her to uncover limiting assumptions and unconscious bias. She is grounded with an abiding practice of mindfulness and somatic awareness; as well as an adept ability to listen for the values and beliefs that give shape to experience. Marie earned her ICF certification through Presence-Based coach training in 2019; completed the Growth Edge Coaching series in 2021; and became certified in the Leadership Circle Profile in 2023.

I am dedicated to unlocking fresh ways of seeing and responding to wicked challenges.

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