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Lida Susek

Ludmila Sušek lives by the ethos of embracing change over conformity. With a career spanning tech sales to nonprofit leadership, she’s dedicated to elevating women in leadership, championing community engagement and lifelong learning. Ludmila advocates for diverse voices and genuine connections. Holding a B.A. in Cultural Studies and various accreditations in leadership and project management, she’s a Google’s Women Techmakers Ambassador fluent in Czech, Polish, and English. Ludmila’s journey is about breaking barriers and fostering inclusive spaces for all.


Community Building
Non-profit organization management
Operations management
Sales & Marketing
Event organization & design


B.A. in Cultural studies


SYI Global, 2021, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Training, online
Google Certified Trainer, 2020, Entrepreneurship
Spiralis, 2015, Project Management, Prague
iCollege, 2015-2016, Prague
E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce


Google’s Women Techmakers Ambassador



Bio note: 

I navigate life’s edges, known for straight talk, humor, and tackling tough challenges. My work with LA reflects a common goal: to bring more women into leadership roles, break old norms. My background spans from tech sales to nonprofit work, emphasizing community engagement and learning. I blend creativity with professional pursuits. Dedicated to self-improvement and genuine connections, I aim to build spaces where diverse voices lead and stories resonate. My journey is about challenging the status quo, believing in change, and making leadership accessible to all.

“I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.” Henry David Thoreau

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