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It provided the space to lean into your inner strength

It has been a really transforming and fascinating leadership programme. Particularly for me working in a multilateral agency, where you are trying to balance multiple levels, multiple perspectives, multiple situations and then added to that a very fast momentum and really new challenges coming from all directions. This leadership programme, has allowed me as a leader, to really just take some time out and reflect much deeper into what are some of the intrinsic not only strengths but biases, perspectives that I need to look into and the course has provided really great tools and examples. Really just the space to practice leadership and to lean into your inner strength. And to understand some of the perspectives, one needs to bring into the forefront to really strengthen the leadership. It was a journey not only of transformation but of learning and understanding oneself as a leader. And I really want to recommend to especially those who work in multiple contexts and complex situations.

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