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Women's Leadership

A transformative
programme for
senior women leaders


Whatever leadership used to be - it used to be. Now, it has to be something different. Now, we all have to be more than we were.

Nora Bateson

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Talking about us

  • Women's Leadership Programme: When I learned about the course it immediately resonated with me. I have learned quite a bit, where I have my blind spots and what I need to work on. I was very pleased also to have met the other fabulous women from all over the world. It was so interesting to learn what are their daily struggles in their divisions, but also what are the struggles and the doubts they carry about themselves. This has created a tremendous bond and understanding that you are not the only one. It was a valuable training and I would certainly recommend it for anyone who wants to work on him or herself and make their next step in their career.

    Gertie Arts, Colonel, Ministry of Defense, Netherlands
  • The Women’s Leadership Programme is an absolutely unique programme for women leaders. It looks not at the traditional elements of leadership and management but really goes to the heart of who you are as an individual and as a leader. It is an extremely privileged and rare opportunity to really look into yourself as a leader and look at what drives you, look at the hidden elements of your character and entrenched behaviors and really try and see how you can bring out the very best elements in yourself. It is a wonderful opportunity and I would encourage you to participate in the training as well.

    Sarah Muscroft, UNOCHA Country Representative, Jordan
  • Women's Leadership Programme: It has been a really transforming and fascinating leadership programme. Particularly for me working in a multilateral agency, where you are trying to balance multiple levels, multiple perspectives, multiple situations and then added to that a very fast momentum and really new challenges coming from all directions. This leadership programme, has allowed me as a leader to really just take some time out and reflect much deeper into what are some of the intrinsic not only strengths but biases, perspectives that I need to look into and the course has provided really great tools and examples, really just the space to practice leadership and to lean into your inner strength. And to understand some of the perspectives one needs to bring into the forefront to really strengthen the leadership. It was a journey not only of transformation but of learning and understanding oneself as a leader. And I really want to recommend to especially those who work in multiple contexts and complex situations.

    Dr. Julitta Onabanjo, UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Director
  • Women's Leadership Programme: This was a really unique experience to be with other women, who are my peers, from organizations all over the world. There is a great sense of relief that some of the challenges that you face as a woman in a leadership position are shared by others. This week has been a great opportunity to examine some of the biases and to get to know ourselves deeper and to learn what are our strengths and how can we continue to learn and also find ways to mentor others. Certainly I will go back to my own organization and find ways to employ many of the skills and knowledge I have learned here. I am grateful for this opportunity, thank you.

    Dr. Shelly Whitman, Executive Director, Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative, Canada

Courses & Workshops

We work on

Leadership and Organizational Development

Navigating through the tensions and ambiguities that characterize today’s workplace requires an adaptive mindset and solid leadership decision making skills. Today’s leaders must be prepared to anticipate, analyse, and address complex challenges involving multiple stakeholders. They need a special set of skills and capacities that will enable them to put effective leadership into practice.

We work with leaders to empower them in their pursuit of dynamic and effective leadership and career advancement. We support them to develop critical skills in self-leadership when faced with challenges and taking sound decisions across a wide range of contexts and circumstances.

While most leadership development programs are focused on concrete skills or behaviors, on how to do what we are already doing better, more consistently and with higher reliability, we go deeper. We focus on how leaders thinks, what is the cognitive structure of their mental models, how they make meaning of the world around them. This is a much greater leverage point for generating leadership effectiveness. Our approach is grounded in adult development and leadership theory (Robert Kegan, Kurt Fischer, Ronald Heifetz, Harvard University) yet thoroughly experiential and applicable across a wide range of cultural contexts. read more ...
Programme Design, Monitoring & Evaluation

We support the UN, other international organizations and implementing organizations worldwide in the area of Programme Design, Monitoring and Evaluation. Our interventions are grounded in capacity development approaches, customized to the various organizational cultures, gender and other power dynamics in order to achieve the best possible results. read more ...

Instruments we use

The Leadership Circle 360° Profile

We use The Leadership Circle 360° Profile - the most comprehensive leadership assessment system. While most 360 ° assessments tell you only what is or is not contributing to a leader’s effectiveness, the Leadership Circle Profile also tells you “ why” this is so. It gives the leader causational insight into what is happening beneath the surface. This powerful difference puts The Leadership Circle Profile in a class of its own.

The Leadership Circle Profile is the only 360° profile that measures both competency and underlying assumptions and it does so in two primary leadership domains: Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. It provides feedback for managers and leaders, a necessary precondition for growing leaders' self-awareness that can strengthen creative competencies that drive leadership effectiveness.

The Leadership Circle 360° Profile analyses the deeper patterns underneath every day behavior in the workplace. It helps participants to gain awareness of their unconscious reactive tendencies about how they show up at the workplace. This enables them to identify the pathway for sustainable, effective change. The key is how this method can foster leadership effectiveness by understanding the distinction between creative leadership competencies and reactive tendencies that hold leaders back. The awareness generated by feedback on these dimensions can catalyse the leadership development journey.
The Lectical Decision Making Assessment

The Lectical® Decision Making Assessment is a learning tool that supports the development of leaders' decision-making skills. It presents a real-world workplace dilemma, followed by a series of questions that ask leaders to discuss the nature of the problem, describe solutions, compare these solutions, and describe an ideal decision-making process for similar situations. The LDMA focuses on three aspects of decision making:
collaborative capacity: the ability to bring together diverse perspectives to develop inclusive, innovative, and effective solutions, contextual thinking: the ability to consider problems in terms of the broader systems and contexts in which they are embedded, and cognitive complexity: the ability to think well about complex issues.

We work with

European Security and Defence College

EZC Partners

We have partnered with EZC Partners to deliver cutting-edge leadership programmes.
Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, West Africa

We work with KAIPTC to design and deliver courses for women leaders in the security sector.
United Nations, European Union (and others)

We work with UN agencies and EU initiatives as experts on capacity development and leadership.